I am a firm believer in “as within, so without” – that our outside environment influences our inner life, and vice versa.  The energy that we create and surround ourselves with is the key to a happy existence.  A carefully crafted home affects all aspects of our lives, and helping people to create the best possible environment for them is what I love to do.

My own personal style is a result of a childhood spent in Denmark, New York, and Los Angeles, and an adulthood spent traveling, looking, imagining, and working in the offices of L.A.-based designer Tim Clarke. I am drawn to welcoming and cozy spaces, places to take your shoes off and get comfy. I love creating spaces that feel lived in, that have stories and soul and life to them, and where dogs are welcome on the furniture!  I design spaces to be lived in, not just to be photographed for magazines.

I believe that every space has it’s own unique personality, just as every human does. It is my job to discover and express this personality in a way that supports the inhabitants. Your home environment can feed your creativity, nourish you after long days at work, or be a safe, sustaining environment to raise your family. I want to help you create the perfectly unique space for you to flourish. From single rooms to ground-up construction to outdoor spaces, from clean and modern to bohemian and wabi sabi, every home has its own story to tell. I would love to help you write yours.